Pop Art Canvas - A 50s Fad?

Pop Art Canvas - A 50s Fad?

Pop Art is among the most influential arts styles of the 1950's & 60's. The Pop artists turned to mainstream culture and advertising for sources to create figurative paintings that defied the modernist hierarchy. Parting from the 1960's modernist custom of abstract expressionism, Pop Art canvas prints seemed to certain observers to be meaningless and reactionary. Nonetheless, they in fact display a momentous time in the history of twentieth-century artwork.

Through the early sixties the conventional world was beginning to perceive the camp sensibility. Due to the fact camp was witnessed as the triumph of style over substance, once the Pop artists elevated their despised media works of art to the sector of "high art," they duplicated the camp attraction to, and loyalty to the marginal.

Pop art canvas art separated from more conservative principles of established art all through the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties, resulting in extremely separate concepts of artistic illustration.

Pop artists attained breathtaking financial wealth and in next to no time were given canonical status in fine art history. Its association with the camp perspective have always furnished Pop art with a considerable gay audience. Pop art canvas art has subsequently had a significant influence on subsequent painting and painters, opening the doors for various movements from photorealism in the Nineteen Seventies to the ironic reflection of the mundane that has dominated a large amount of modern art.

Fashion Designers kept track of these art movements and adapted them for application in their clothing designs. Clothing stores stocked black and white themed clothes and boots, jackets and hats in PVC, and similar synthetic materials. The appearance was effective while excessive amounts would bring about head aches.

Pop Art witnessed its design aesthetic slowly weakening following the late 60's. Somewhat ironically it was eclipsed by abstract expressionism and took to heart by the same corporate marketing and advertising sources it had utilized for its principal inspiration. Pop art canvas prints will be forever best known for a legacy of tasteless fashion concepts, and camp promotion campaigns.