Home And Art Trends For 2011

Looking to the coming season the designer’s role will be still complex, being a part of the effort of “greening” the whole process. The task is, above all, to design products in first-class materials and production with aesthetic qualities in order to create lasting emotional and functional relationship between the object and the user. The main keywords for home decoration in late 2010/early 2011 are soften, energize and excite. This ties in with the current economic climate as people want their home to be relaxing, but also need some uplifting modern canvas art to make them forget about the hard times.

Key design themes include: authentic - discovering beauty in simplicity.
Cherished pieces and collectables with a patina are characteristic of this natural style. The fusion of old and new creates original recycling chic – simple, uncontrived and individual of which a warm grey, a soft green, petrol blue, sand grey, and linen white are part. Natural materials like pale, bleached wood, cotton and glass look authentic in the home.
One of the key things to remember about authentic room decoration is to keep it clean, because simplicity is elegant.

The second theme for the home projected for 2011 is: eccentric - mixing styles from different times and cultures. Different cultures, eras and art movements collide and ornamental decoration, animal skins as well as materials like velvet, embossed leather, feathers and wooden beads create exciting and contrasting effects. If you can't afford genuine pieces you can make your own. It's easy to make modern canvas prints by yourself or by submitting your photo to an online canvas printing service.

Another strong theme for 2011 is ethnic decorations – if you want to be the most on-trend in your neighborhood you should look for Asian and African furniture. Traditional Chinese tables, paper lamps, African drums and Mexican tea sets can add new accents of interest and a sense of the exotic to your home. The colours for ethnic themes include mohka brown, charcoal grey and red ochres – perfect for the winter months ahead.

Modern canvas art has along been a feature of home décor trends and the current artists lead the way in defining the way that colour is used not only in art but also in the home. To succeed, today's artist must not only have talent but also business acumen. Art is, and always has been, a business. Today's artist not only creates art (the product) but also markets, promotes, advertises, and sells his/her art. Look for modern artists who reflect the current atmosphere in challenging times – bright, colourful pieces with a strong political narrative are particularly fashionable.

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