How We Print Photos On Canvas

How We Print Photos On Canvas

In order to make our largest and most impressive pieces our team are experts at image resizing, whether it be you photos or pictures from our existing range. If you have photos you'd like to have printed we have to resize the picture so it looks great on the wall without losing any of the detail. The process begins with the camera - for large prints like our 5 piece canvas you would need a professional lens and camera to take a large enough image. Good quality, widely available digital cameras can take images suitable for large prints up to 40 by 56b inches.

To give you an idea the largest file size for images is 10 megabytes, with the average 10 mega-pixel image being around 3-4mb. Simply take a great photo, decide on the image you want printed and contact us and we can resize and even subtly edit your photos to your requirements.

If you have a particular photo you would like on a 3 panel set or larger please make sure the image is at least 5mb in size so it doesn't lose quality as it is resized. Every digital image is made up of pixels - tiny dots of colour - which are usually indistinguishable to the naked eye. By enlarging an image you effectively enlarge every pixel at the same time, if there are not enough of these dots they will become visible in the finished print - resulting in unsightly, blocky lines.

Our most common request fro personalized photos on canvas take the form of 14” by 20” inch canvas pictures, we produce them at roughly 200 dpi (dot per inch) which works out at 2800 x 4000. To give you a rough idea an attractive print can be made using a 5 megapixel camera or better which are often seen on smart phones. We are proud of the high quality finish of our photos on canvas – although we may take photo canvas art for granted it’s not as easy to make at home as you would think.

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