Home Trends For 2012

Home Trends For 2012

With the Olympics on the way it's no surprise that everything England is big this year, we're seeing lots of Union Jacks and generally the red, white and blue throughout the home. Now is the time to celebrate everything good about london and the history behind England. This follows on from the trend of "shabby chic" that's everywhere at the moment. From upcycled suitcases to repurposed lampshades, it's all about bringing unwanted pieces back to life.

The colours to look for in 2012 are red and green, although not necessarily in the same room! You can compliment a red interior design scheme with some carefully chosen canvas art. Our sunset category has some great, moody prints perfect for everything from a bright scarlet to an earthy maroon. Greens have featured heavily in both fashion and ineterior design this year, with lighter turqoise shades proving particularly popular.

Why not team your green decor with a colourful floral canvas - we have everything from subtle shades in Hydrangea Greens to the striking, vibrant Green Petal Madness, and many more besides.

Another popular look for interiors in 2012 revloves around the New England theme - which utilises simple white lines and future to create an elegant and classy look. It's refreshing to see a trend taking us away from the minimal look which is more practical for most modern homes. It also leaves you free to add personal touches, simple but classic city scenes are perfect for this look without being over-bearing in a neutral colour scheme.

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